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PROMED is the acronym of Provveditorie Marittime del Mediterraneo S.P.A.. We have been actively operating in the maritime business since 1999 supplying both Merchant and Passengers ships thanks to a complete range of products and an organized and flexible logistic system.

In our early days our company, which is based in Bari (Italy), mainly operated in the south of the Adriatic Sea but since then we have expanded our activities in all Italian and nearby Mediterranean ports.

In 2018 we have changed our legal status from S.r.l. (Limited Liability Company) to S.p.A. (Joint Stock Company).

The transformation has increased the financial power of our firm and has allowed a major development of the activities, improving our ability to quickly respond to the needs of the maritime market and to keep up with its continuous evolutions and innovations. 


Our headquarters covers an area of approximately 8,400 sqm which is totally designed for ship chandling activity.

Deposit yards cover an area of 2000 sqm. with 1,600 sqm dedicated to warehouse facility while new office spaces occupy an area of 400 sqm.

Our warehouse ensures appropriate storage facilities for Provisions and F&B stocks managing all temperatures from -20° C to +4° C guaranteeing our final customers  with products always in excellent conditions may these be Frozen, Chilled or Dry and strictly following Health & Safety international standards as per ISO 9001:2015 and HACCP requirements

For Technical & Consumables Stores we regularly stock a wide range of EU and imported products in order to quickly respond to vessels' needs in a time when speed of response and action is crucial for the market more than ever.


Our company firmly commits to overall customer service when it comes to Provisions and/or Technical & Consumables stores supplies to maritime market operators and we always try to meet buyers' requirements in terms of RFQ's management, orders fulfilment, post-sales activity.

Our experienced and talented staff dedicates with greatest effort to please the customer, in terms of quality of goods and timely delivery.

Delay is expensive and it is important for all maritime market operators to be able to rely on a dependable partner. 

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