Chandling & Ship Supply

We are a trustworthy partner of the maritime industry meeting the needs of merchant and passenger vessels with a wide range of supply services.

You can always rely on our experience and expertise in naval supplies. Our commitment is to fully satisfy our wide base of customers being them Ship Owners, Ship Management, Catering companies or Captains.  

On a daily basis we supply Provisions, Bonded stores, Technical stores and Consumables to all kind of merchant vessels such as general cargoes, bulk carriers, gas carriers, tankers, chemical tankers, Ro/Ro & containerships. 

We are also a strong partner for Cruise and Ferry-boat lines providing full range of Food & Beverages, goods for Duty Free, Hotel consumables material.

Thanks to our own multitemperature truck fleet and a solid network of local carriers and partners we ensure fast and precise deliveries in all Italian ports from North to South, emphasizing the importance of efficient supply chain and logistic.

Merchant Vessels & Offshore:

  • Provisions

    Our target is to find the best "value for money" solutions to satisfy vessel crews' needs with prompt availability of Dry - Chilled - Frozen food of both European & International origin and focusing on ethnic specialties for Indian, Chinese, Filipino seafarers.

  • Bonded Stores

    Through our duly authorized Bonded Warehouse we are able to supply a wide range of  Bonded stores and Slopchest items: cigarettes and tobaccos, liqueur and spirits, several types of wine and beers, chocolates, crisps, comfort goods.

  • Technical Stores and Consumables

    In our stock we have available a full assortment of Deck, Engine, Cabin and Galley stores.

    We supply SOLAS approved Safety items, Electrical equipment, Stationery and a large variety of Consumables, and we make sure to supply the newest available technologies, keeping up with latest regulations.

Passenger Vessels:

  • Food & Beverage

    Our strength is in prompt response to the various needs of this peculiar type of clients.

    If we face a full supply or only a small port-order, we always offer best quality products to satisfy both F&B Hotel Manager and Executive Chefs on board.

  • Duty Free

    We offer a wide array of duty-free items like perfumes, alcoholic drinks, beverages, cigarettes, cigars and so on.

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