Quality policy

PROMED S.p.A. is aware of the challenges and opportunities that the market offers on a daily basis and that rapid and successful decisions are necessary to face those challenges.

Pursuing company's effectiveness and efficiency means overcoming challenges and identifying opportunities. Keeping this in mind, the Organisation has decided to adopt a quality system that complies with the international standards ISO 9001:2015 which allows to guarantee greater internal efficiency and better inclination to prove its ability to supply products that meet the customer's and the mandatory requirements, to increase customer satisfaction, to face risks and opportunities that are associated with its context and its objectives.

In planning its Management System, our Company has considered:

  • Organisational context, by determining internal and external factors that may influence the ability to achieve results
  • Understanding of needs and expectations of the Stakeholders for the Quality Management System
  • Determination of Field of Application: Supply of Food Provisions and Technical Stores and Equipment for naval units, military contingents and for collective catering. Private customs warehouse and tax deposit service delivery.
  • Determination of Risks and Opportunities, considering the Organisational context and the needs and expectations of the Stakeholders, for every process related to the products and services present in the Field of Application.

To prove our constant commitment to Customer Satisfaction and Improvement, our Management has established the following specific objectives:

  • Investment in necessary resources and means, in compliance with the requirements for the final product
  • Constant monitoring of deadlines, for checking vehicles and equipment
  • Constant Updating on applicable Laws and Regulations, to avoid penalties or business interruptions
  • Selection of Qualified Suppliers to meet the final requirements set by the customer
  • Constant Training of Employees with regards to Occupational Health and Safety issues, so as to guarantee the regular running of the activity and protect health of employees in the interest of stakeholders (families, trade unions and public opinion)
  • Adopt advanced systems to protect company know-how, by using Antiviruses and daily data backup, and user awareness
  • Monitoring the efficiency of the Quality System through annual review by the Management and through the "Internal Audits" scheduled and performed during the year by qualified personnel
  • Constant Monitoring of Customer Satisfaction.

Our Company commits to periodically review the Policy on the occasion of Management Reviews and to make it available to stakeholders and within its Organization.

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