Med area grows in luxury cruise segment

(ANSAmed) - The Mediterranean area is growing in the luxury cruise and boating sector, with reservations in the first half of 2019 up 4.6%, according to figures from the Ticketcrociere Observatory. The figures show sea journeys growing longer, in particular with reservations for round-the-world trips up 62% in the first six months of 2019 over 2018 figures, where spending averages more than 14,000 euros per person. Despite a slight decrease of 5% in 2019 spending on luxury cruises, average Italian spending went from 5,371 euros in 2018 to 5,462 in 2019, up 1.6%, confirming a positive trend in the sector. Destinations considered luxury have changed since last year, however, with 25.8% fewer Italians booking Caribbean cruises and a full 68.2% fewer booking cruises to Cuba. Meanwhile, cruises in the Mediterranean are up and Northern European cruises had a particularly strong increase of 15.6%. The biggest rise is in cruises to South America, which this year had a record jump of 153.3%, said Andrea Barbaro, Ticketcrociere's director of quality and production. "The north also had significant numbers, with a 57.1% increase, led by the most popular destination of the moment, Alaska," Barbaro said. "The cruise sector continues to surprise," he said.(ANSAmed).

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